Explore, learn, and participate in several sustainability opportunities available to you at UBC.


The Climate Change-Makers Challenge: 2022

Dec 3 & 4, Multiple Event Times

Join youth from across the world in this two-day challenge to create solutions for our climate crisis! Can you (together) create that next key solution to our climate change dilemma? 


Climate Anxiety to Action Workshop

Nov 21, 2-3:30pm
CIRS Policy Labs

Feeling lost and hopeless about Earth's future? Learn to cope with eco-anxiety and mobilize yourself to action. Snacks and prizes will be offered!


Green Rights and Warrior Lawyers Virtual Academy and Inspirathon

Nov 9 & 10, Multiple Event Times
Online via Zoom

This innovative program mobilizes the power of stories to bring issues of environmental rights and justice to life and inspire action, as nine courageous “Warrior Lawyers” from around the world share their stories of advancing Green Rights through (and sometimes despite) law.

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UBC Zero Waste Training

Oct 6, 5-6pm 
Online via Zoom

Join the UBC Zero Waste Training workshop to learn about UBC’s climate action and zero waste plans! Participants will learn how to effectively sort waste, as well as explain how to reduce contamination and divert waste to UBC community members.


Citizen Science Safari

Sep 22, 3-5pm
UBC Farm

Join staff from the Sustainability Hub, UBC Farm and UBC Botanical Garden, as well as this year’s Biodiversity Cohort of the Sustainability Ambassadors, to learn about urban ecology, the dangers of invasive plant species, and how you can identify and record invasive plant sightings using iNaturalist, to help support the health of the campus ecosystem.



Climate Change, Domestic and Foreign Investment, and Migration in Ghana

Dec 7, 12:15-1:45pm 
Case Room, Liu Institute for Global Issues
6476 NW Marine Drive, Vancouver 

Come learn from Dr. Jemima Baada, Professor of Climate Change and Human Migration, about the effects of climate change and foreign investment among migrants in rural communities of Ghana.


Cultivating Placefulness: Why We Need a Contemplative Ecology in Troubled Times

Dec 6, 6pm 
Room 2270 SFU Harbour Centre
515 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC 

Join Jason Brown from SFU in an exploration of the inner and outer landscapes we inhabit, explore, and call home, spaces where we find the convergence of place, ecology, and spirituality.


COP27 and the Politics of Power, People, and Place

Dec 1, 6-8pm 
SFU Beedie School of Business
1300-1500 Segal Building 500 Granville Street Vancouver, BC

Did COP27 open up space for the voices of Indigenous Peoples, youth organizers, and local communities? Join this UBC Sustainability post-COP27 event for an opportunity to hear from and speak with faculty and student delegates who’ve just returned from climate negotiations in Sharm El Sheikh.


Future Forests Webinar

Dec 1, 12-1pm 
Online via Zoom

More people, companies and institutions are calling for greater protection of animal habitats, eco-tourism and biodiversity. Indigenous and local communities have a more prominent seat at the table. And a greater emphasis is being placed on how to tackle the global climate emergency through sustainable forest management than ever before. Our panel of industry experts will discuss some of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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Nature Canada COP 15: UBC Nature Bus

Dec 1, 9-11am 
Outside UBC Booksre

Drop by the Nature Canada Bus to say hello and send a message to Justin Trudeau at NatureCOP in Montreal. The letters collected should be directed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and should convey the message of why Canada’s nature and species are worth protecting and why we need a strong framework to halt and reverse its loss.


Sustainability Session: Climate Anxiety and Wellbeing

Nov 22, 12-1pm 
Online via Zoom

Join this virtual Sustainability Session lunch & learn, exploring a variety of sustainability topics relevant to households and neighbourhoods of the University Neighborhoods Association.


2022 Project Green YVR Annual Summit

Nov 21, 9am-12pm 
YVR Main Terminal - Sea to Sky Room B
3211 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond

Come hear from the Vancouver Airport Authority’s Climate & Environment Team to learn more about the environmental initiatives underway.


Soft Paths to a Sustainable Food System Seminar

Nov 17, 3:30-5pm 
School of Environmental Science, SFU
Halpern Centre Room 114, Burnaby

In this talk, Dr. Ramankutty will describe the nature of global agriculture today, broadly outline the coupled challenges of food security.


2022-23 Wall Catalyst Program on Climate and Nature Emergency

Nov 17, 1-3pm 
Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies
6331 Crescent Road, Room 307 Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2

In this guest lecture, Dr. Lori Daniels and Dr. Nicholas Coops will be presenting their research for addressing climate change in Canadian Forests.


UBC Therapeutics Initiative: Climate-Conscious Inhaler Prescribing

Nov 16, 12-1pm 
Online via Zoom

Come learn about the impact of inhaler therapy on climate change, ways you can change inhaler-prescribing practices to provide climate-conscious care, and recognize that “Green Care” is great care with Dr. Val Stoynova and Dr. Celia Culley.

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UBC COP 27 Live!

Nov 15, 12-1:30pm 
Online via Zoom

Join UBC students, staff, and faculty on-the-ground at COP27 in conversation with CBC News climate journalist Lisa Johnson for an inside view of the negotiations, discussions, and emotions of the conference.


UBC Reads Sustainability with Geoff Dembicki

Nov 10, 12-1:30pm 
Online via Zoom

Join climate investigative journalist and award-winning author Geoff Dembicki for a conversation on his latest work, which draws from confidential oil industry documents to uncover how companies like Exxon, Koch Industries, and Shell built a global right-wing echo chamber to protect oil sands profits.

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Canadian Climate Impact

Nov 10, 11am-12:30pm 
The Embark Studio SFU
8888 University Drive, SUB 1310 Burnaby

Canada is a significant contributor to global climate inequities, from shipping waste overseas to producing goods in countries without living wages or just environmental laws. Join Embark Sustainability as they discuss climate inequities on a global scale.


David Suzuki x Brandi Morin with Naomi Klein

Oct 30, 4-7pm 
Chan Center for the Performing Arts

David Suzuki will speak with Edward R Murrow-winning French, Cree, and Iroquois journalist Brandi Morin, author of the searing and powerful memoir Our Voice of Fire. The event will include a closing address by Hereditary Chief Na’moks of the Tsayu Clan of the Wet’suwet’en Nation, addressing the ongoing struggle of Wet’suwet’en leaders to defend their lands, waters, and sacred sites against the Coastal Gaslink Pipeline.

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UBC Garden Design Lecture

Oct 28, 7pm 
UBC Robson Square, 800 Robson Street

The annual Garden Design Lecture strives to create poetic power of landscape and a sense of connection and meaning to each site. Learn how to bring together ecology with the culture of place, and climate adaptation as the future of garden design.


Climate Stories from UBC

Oct 27, 5-8:00pm
Van Dusen Botanical Gardens, 5151 Oak Street

Climate researchers from UBC will gather to tell stories about their work for climate justice, their partnerships with communities from around the world, and how their work contributes to the global struggle for our future.

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Happier cities: what’s the secret?

Oct 26, 12-1pm 
Online via Zoom

How do we cultivate happiness in urban environments? From the importance of green spaces in civic centres to meaningfully matching people with the spaces they occupy, find out how we can all make cities happier places to be.


Catalyst Program Launch

Sep 26-27, 11am-1pm daily
The Nest

Sep 28-29, 11am-1pm daily
Martha Piper Fountain

Visit a Catalyst booth to learn more about the program and start your sustainability leadership certification program. This is a drop in event; no registration is required.


Volunteer with the UBC Climate Hub

Many dates throughout the year

The UBC Climate Hub is interested in connecting students with climate action, community building and fostering friendships and fun. Let them know how you might like to get involved! 


Kits Beach Clean Up

Nov 6, 12-3pm
Kitsilano Beach, 1945 Cornwall Avenue, Vancouver

Join Kits Beach Coffee for a social clean-up of well-loved Kitsilano Beach. Enjoy free coffee and other activities as well!


Remove Invasive Plants & Build a Community at Ruth Johnson Park!

Oct 29, 9:45am-1pm
Peace Arch Curling Club,1475 Anderson St, White Rock

Help remove invasive English ivy, English holly and English laurel from Ruth Johnson Park in White Rock! You will be restoring local habitat while also having fun and connecting with each other in nature.

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Active Transportation with T-Bird

Oct 12-13, 12-2pm
UBC Main Mall
Apply by Oct 7

Join the Campus and Community Planning team and T-bird in promoting and the Pedestrian Priority Zone as a shared travel corridor for pedestrians, cyclists, and other active travel modes. 


Zero Waste Squad

Apply by Sep 30

The Zero Waste Squad is a peer-led volunteer program open to all UBC students – brought to you with support from UBC Sustainability. The Squad is now open for registration for Fall 2022, with a number of exciting in-person opportunities coming up. All UBC undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to join!


UBC Apple Festival Zero Waste Support

Oct 15-16, 10.30am - 4.15pm 
UBC Botanical Garden
Register by Oct 7

The UBC Apple Festival is celebrating its 31st year! With hundreds of apple varieties, tasting sessions, grafting and cider-pressing demonstrations, as well as educational activities, we are expecting guests of all ages from UBC and beyond. Volunteers are needed to help support waste sorting and educational outreach on UBC’s sustainability initiatives. Free entry and refreshments will be provided. 


Beaty Museum Educational Volunteers

Apply by Sep 23

Share your love of the natural world with others by joining the Beaty Biodiversity Museum’s volunteer team!