Every purchase is a choice, and every choice has an impact.


Keeping sustainability top of mind when purchasing contributes to UBC's vision of a campus that operates sustainably at every level.

Top Purchasing Tips

Refer to the Sustainable Purchasing Guide: The Sustainable Purchasing Guide is designed to help you—as a staff, student or faculty member at UBC—purchase more sustainable products and services. The Guide contains sustainable purchasing resources spanning 14 content areas, an eco-label glossary, and information on how UBC is continuing to advance sustainable purchasing on campus and beyond. Ensure your departmental administrator, colleagues, and purchasing manager are aware of the guide and refer to it when making purchases.

Use Re-Use it UBC: Check out re-use it! UBC, which facilitates the reuse of goods between departments on campus to reduce the number of reusable items that enter the waste stream. Sign up for free to post or find free/cheap departmental items, such as office supplies or furniture.

Support Fair Trade: Did you know UBC was designated the first Fair Trade Campus in Canada? Buy fair trade certified products, which guarantee higher social, environmental and pay standards for farmers and workers.