The CLL Fund Competition is currently closed, but will reopen for proposals in July, 2022.

Application Overview

Before getting started, we encourage to download and carefully read through the Application Guidelines. Your application will consist of the following sections:

A. Project details: Includes the title, priority area, and approval status.

B. Applicant details: Information about the Project Lead and Co-Lead.

C. Project description: This is a freeform section with a 3000-character limit (approx. 500 words), for you to briefly describe your project outline and objectives, clearly explaining the on-ground demonstration of your project.

D. Project evaluation parameters: This section is the primary basis on which the proposal will be evaluated. It has 4 freeform sub-sections, with a 1500-character limit each (approx. 250-words each). The sub-sections are (1) Innovation (2) Impact (3) Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) and (4) Research Excellence.

E. Proposed activity list: Use this section to list project activities. This can be at a high-level, without the need for granular details.

F. Proposed budget: Use this section to state your budget. Again, this can be high-level, without granular details. 

G. Appendix (optional): This is an optional section that Applicants may use to include images, tables, graphs or other material that is relevant to their proposal.

Submit an application

Applications must be submitted via email using the form provided. Click the button below to downloaded the application form. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro to access and fill this form. We recommend saving the form on your computer and then opening it on Adobe Reader or Pro; instead of filling it on your web browser, as some of the form features may not work correctly on your browser.


Your completed form must be emailed as a PDF attachment to, with the Subject Line: “CLL Application Submission: <Project Name>”.




Please contact with any enquiries.