Browse projects from winners of the CLL Fund Competition that demonstrate collaborative work between UBC Faculty and Staff.



An ‘E-Kitchen’ for the Repair and Reuse of Electronics at UBC to support the transition to a circular economy with minimal impact on climate and the environment.
Design charrettes will allow residents to contribute to the design process for redevelopment at Acadia Park, home to more than 1,800 student-family residents.
Tracking insects at UBC campus is taking a leap forward by employing high-tech, automated tools.
A state-of-the art facility at UBC to advance the development of sustainable technologies that ‘close the loop’ on carbon, nutrients, and water in an urban campus context.


This project aims to advance the strategic priority area of Climate Action through education and research focused on GHG emissions reductions.
This project sets out to answer the question: how do we create sustainable, culturally-safe and inclusive Indigenous-centred place-based campus recreation?
As UBC continues to grow, the campus offers the opportunity to create a living, responsive, and dynamic lab by piloting the use of smarter technologies for natural asset management and planning.
The Community Food Security Hub is an opportunity to support community-led action to promote health and wellbeing and a food secure campus community.