Will your project offer operational benefits to UBC’s campus? Develop research excellence and opportunities for knowledge dissemination? Learn more about how the CLL Fund Competition could support you.


UBC’s Campus as a Living Lab (CLL) initiative responds to current sustainable development challenges by integrating academic research and teaching with campus planning, infrastructure, operations and community development. 

The UBC CLL Fund provides seed funding to support innovation projects on the Vancouver campus that address strategic priorities and embody the principles of a living lab:

  • Integrate core UBC learning, research, innovation, and community engagement mission with campus operations and campus community
  • Involve partnerships between UBC and public, private and nongovernmental organizations
  • Address ecological, social, health and/or technological issues with local scope and impact
  • Involve sound financial use of UBC infrastructure and resources for demonstration of and research on leading edge solutions
  • Engage faculty researchers, students, operations staff and external partners
  • Have potential for knowledge transfer within and beyond UBC

Your Proposal

Project proposals should demonstrate how CLL funding will be used to create and / or advance the application of research using UBC’s campus lands, buildings, utilities infrastructure, and/or development projects as a laboratory or demonstration testbed.

The funding is intended to serve as seed funding to support the development of larger projects and programs that demonstrate UBC’s action in sustainability and climate related priority areas. Importantly, projects should generate new directions for research and learning, rather than reproduce activities that would be conducted in the normal course of faculty or staff work. 

The outcomes to be achieved with CLL funding will vary among proposals (e.g. new demonstrations, new research outcomes, new partnership opportunities, increase access to data), but proposals should make a strong case for the value of those outcomes to both UBC research and operations, and demonstrate how the funding will be used to achieve them.

The Funding

A total funding envelope of $200K is available for the 2020 competition.

The maximum award to any single project is $50K, and we expect to fund 3-6 proposals in this first year.

The CLL Fund is intended as seed funding, and the application must demonstrate the pursuit of additional funding from other sources. In-kind contributions may be considered as matching funds, if they translate into significant cash equivalents and offset funds that would otherwise need to be raised (e.g. significant equipment discounts). 

The CLL Fund Competition review committee will carefully consider each application, including the value of matching funds/in-kind contributions to the proposal on a case by case basis. The committee may recommend funding of only some budget items.

Successful applicants will be notified and award funding will start in January 2021. Funding must be spent within 1 year of award receipt. Any unspent funds at the end of 1-year must be returned to the CLL Fund. 

The VP Research & Innovation Office may provide successful project teams with access to specialists in knowledge mobilization, innovation, commercialization, funding development and community

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