Fume hoods at UBC consume up to 10 per cent of campus energy due to the large volume of air that needs to be heated or cooled and moved through the hoods.

Shut the Sash 2020 took place from November 3 to December 13 in Chemistry Buildings D and E. We saw an approximate 7 percent reduction in volume of air flow relative to pre-campaign data, translating into annual energy cost savings of approximately $5200 in Chemistry D and E alone. If these practices were replicated across all variable air volume (VAV) fume hoods at UBCV, this would result in an estimated $44,000 in annual savings. A huge thank you and congratulations to the folks in Chemistry D and E buildings for your efforts to conserve energy and shut the sash! A special congratulations to our two winning groups, Orvig and Fryzuk. 

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