Inspire and empower students in the themes of Climate Change, Health Promotion, Biodiversity, Resilient Communities and the Circular Economy.

Fellows receive funding in the form of a grant of up to $20,000 over two years, to support their curriculum development projects. The projects for the development of new courses or programs, or significant enhancement of existing ones, must be centred on transformative learning that incorporates experiential, applied and/or interdisciplinary sustainability education principles. As part of the program, Fellows (up to two members per project) meet monthly to share and explore teaching and learning practices and ideas, share their progress on their curriculum projects, and collaborate to advance sustainability and wellbeing education on campus.  

New this year – one wellbeing-focused project funded by UBC Wellbeing will support UBC’s commitment to advancing the Okanagan Charter for Health Promoting Universities and UBC’s Student Strategic Plan commitment of “Wellbeing for People, Places, and our Planet”. This will be demonstrated with wellbeing course content and pedagogy that “promotes social justice and wellbeing by infusing inclusion, health, and sustainability into all aspects of the university experience. Students will feel supported in their quest for personal growth, building the capacity to care for themselves and one another, their communities, and our world. They will have the conviction and understanding to thrive as healthy global citizens and to serve as agents of change.”