The Sustainability Coordinator Program is open to all UBC staff and faculty members who have an interest in sustainability. Graduate students in research-based programs are also welcome to apply.


Sustainability Coordinators (SCs) are UBC employees who dedicate 2 - 4 paid work hours per month with supervisor approval to build relationships and increase sustainability knowledge capacity within their units and to encourage their colleagues to adopt sustainable actions in their workplaces and the UBC campus through peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing. UBC's Board of Governors approves the use of the 2 - 4 hours of paid work time per month for UBC employees to participate in the program. Some examples how an SC can use their hours include attending the program's trainings, events or workshops, applying to the Workplace Sustainability Fund for a project, initiating a sustainability action in their unit, forming or joining a committee, networking with other SCs, being a guest speaker and much more.


  1. Review the program summary and learning objectives here so that you have a clear idea of the role a Sustainability Coordinator fulfills in their department.
  2. Get your supervisor’s permission to participate and complete the online application form. Staff who participate in the Sustainability Coordinator Program can use 2 - 4 hours of paid work time per month to promote and implement sustainability initiatives, so we need your department’s approval and support for this time.
  3. After you submit your program application, our Program Coordinator will reach out to you with next steps.

If you have any questions, please contact us