The Sustainability Coordinators Program is an opportunity for employees to take collective action against climate change in their units and support UBC’s Climate Action Plan 2030 and the UBC Climate Emergency Response.  


Sustainability Coordinators (SCs) are UBC employees who dedicate 2-4 paid work hours per month with supervisor approval to build relationships and increase sustainability knowledge capacity within their units and to encourage their colleagues to adopt sustainable actions in their workplaces and the UBC campus through peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing:

  • Make an impact and create a more sustainable campus while contributing to broader goals of addressing climate change
  • Gain valuable professional development to expand your expertise in sustainability to tackle tangible issues in your workplace  
  • Gain leadership experience by taking an active role within your unit and the broader UBC community. Coordinators promote sustainable practices, and advocate for climate action within their unit or department. This role allows for meaningful impact to support UBC’s sustainability goals
  • Build your professional network and connect with like-minded individuals  
  • Gain access tools, training materials, resources, and funding to support the implementation of sustainability projects and initiatives • Attend workshops, recognition events and networking opportunities to expand your sustainability knowledge  
  • Help UBC to implement CAP2030 goals

There is the option to identify as a Sustainability Coordinator if you work in a lab setting through the Green Labs program.


  • Join a network of colleagues working in different work environments around UBC Vancouver campus (offices, labs etc)
  • Attend sustainability-focused educational events and networking sessions
  • Develop skills through sustainability-related training sessions
  • Access funding opportunities and attend a campus-wide recognition event


  • Commuting
  • Food Systems
  • Transportation
  • Waste and Materials
  • Engagement, Education and Outreach

“One of my favourite parts of being a Lab Sustainability Coordinator is being a part of a community of sustainability champions from different departments. I also love the educational tours.”

- Verena Goebeler, Research Manager, UBC Dentistry

“I have integrated green lab and sustainability topics as a regular item into our quarterly lab managers meetings. It’s a great way to get unified buy-in on sustainability initiatives such as ULT freezer chill-up and lab recycling!”

- Karen Reid, Operations Manager, Michael Smith Laboratories

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Take Action Tips

Our Sustainability Take Action Tips provides UBC-specific resources to help support the implementation of sustainability initiatives in the workplace.

Workplace Sustainability Fund

Sustainability Coordinators are eligible to apply for the Workplace Sustainability Fund. More information will be coming soon.