The SEEDS Sustainability Library is a comprehensive repository of applied student research and knowledge that includes a diverse range of interdisciplinary, student-led research projects that have used the Campus as a Living Lab. These open access applied research reports contribute to a body of knowledge, learning and action to ignite sustainability ideas, policies and practices, enabling the broader community to learn, apply and build on previous research.

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Nina Brennan, Srishti Gulati, Kyden Kamakura, Noah Hrdlicka, Kaitlyn Rustad, Ella Nuttall-Smith, Anaaya Sajdeh UBC Athletics and Recreation: Aaron Miu Comm 468 Community, Wellbeing Sauder School of Business: Jenny Dickson 2023-2024 PDF
Cameron Bailey, Sarah Lin, Anna Liu, Jaya Lumsden, Riley Verrier UBC Campus and Community Planning: Penny Martyn BEST 402 Buildings, Climate, Energy, Materials UBC Faculty of Forestry: Qingshi Tu 2023-2024 PDF
Akash Gondaliya, Eimee Ong, Julianna Wu, Sarah Jepsen, Seppi Saatchi UBC Facilities Planning: Leigh Clark, Rachael Donovan BEST 402 Climate, Finance, Waste UBC Faculty of Forestry: Qingshi Tu 2023-2024 PDF
Jenny Lee UBC Food Services: David Speight, Darren Clay VOL 400 Climate, Food Institute for Resource, Environment and Sustainability: Kushank Bajaj 2022-2023 PDF
Hannah Griebling Campus and Community Planning: Georgia Stanley IBioS Biodiversity, Climate Department of Zoology: Sarah Benson-Amram 2022-2023 PDF
Brice Jonassen Campus and Community Planning: Renée Lussier FCOR 599 Biodiversity Faculty of Forestry: Paul Pickell 2022-2023 PDF
Philip Bartha, Ryan Brehon, Mark Wen, Timothy Wong Campus and Community Planning: Renee Lussier, Penny Martyn , Facilities: Sean Lynch, Denise Tang ENVR 400 Biodiversity, Buildings, Community Faculty of Science, Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences: Tara Ivanochko and Michael Lipsen 2022-2023 PDF
Sarah Moniz de Sa Campus and Community Planning: Jake Li, Zachary Johnston FCOR 599 Biodiversity, Climate Faculty of Forestry: Paul Pickell 2022-2023 PDF
Gabby Fraser, Caroline Gelin, Addison Riddle Campus and Community Planning: Penny Martyn RES 505 Buildings, Wellbeing Institute for Resources Environment and Sustainability: Leila Harris 2022-2023 PDF