Introduction to climate change through the lens of local landscapes and future scenarios.

Faculty: Forestry
Subject: Natural Resources Conservation
Year / Level: 2
Theme(s): Climate Justice and Social Science; Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation



What does climate change look like? What does the future hold for us? Do the movies and the media get it right on climate change? How can we get engaged in solutions to climate change? This course provides an introduction to climate change through the lens of existing local landscapes and possible scenarios for your own future. The course provides an overview of the science of climate change, its implications for ordinary people, its potential solutions, and better ways to communicate climate change.

We will use visual media such as movies and 3D visualisation to explain current realities and explore alternative futures with climate change, and to make learning more fun and memorable. It aims to build awareness about what climate change means for communities and the environment, how people perceive it, and how you can engage others in moving towards climate solutions. This course has no pre-requisites, although it is particularly designed for second year undergraduates. It is intended for students of all backgrounds (arts and sciences) who are interested in solutions for climate change and communicating these to others.

Learning objectives

  1. Understand the scientific basics of climate change and implications for people, communities and landscapes
  2. See your surroundings differently: how to recognize climate change in the context of real life and places
  3. Understand the basics of climate change perceptions and communication: how people think about climate change and how they can be engaged
  4. Critically evaluate and use visual media and other communication strategies to engage people on climate change
  5. Confidently explain, engage and communicate effectively with others about climate change


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M. Fernanda Tomaselli

"I aim to inspire students to become more engaged in conservation issues and in finding solutions to current sustainability dilemmas."