Topical issues including applications of genomics in climate change adaptation.

Faculty: Forestry
Subject: Natural Resources Conservation
Year / Level: 3
Theme(s): Climate Science; Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation


We are witnessing a revolution in genomics. The revolution is catching us all, and we need to keep our eyes wide open. Although you hear the news about genomics every day, you may still wonder what is actually happening in this field and how this revolution will change the world. You would need some basic understanding of the genomic world as it will be relevant to you regardless of your areas of interest.

Genomics and genetics may sound difficult and scary to some of you. If so, you are not alone. It is true that some technical details in this field are complicated and difficult to understand. However, this course aims at a broader perspective beyond the technical aspects of genomics. We will guide you to tour the genomic world with ease and fun. We will first equip you with the basic knowledge of genetics and genomics and then navigate the major fields of genomics, including epigenomics, metagenomics, genome editing, ecological genomics, and conservation genomics.

We will also examine and discuss the related issues and potential applications of genomics to improve our life and environment, including adaptation to climate change. This course will make it easy for non-major students to know the genomic world and fun for students with some background to expand their scope in this field. I hope that you will enjoy the course and learn a lot from it.


At the end of this course, students will:

  1. Acquire basic knowledge of the science and technology of genomics;
  2. Build a fundamental knowledge of issues related to genomics and the environment
  3. Develop skills to communicate this knowledge


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Tongli Wang

"We are witnessing a revolution in genomics that has the potential to change everything in our life and environment, and we need to keep our eyes wide open."