Modelling marine and freshwater ecosystem dynamics and tradeoffs in a changing world.

Faculty: Science
Subject: Fisheries Research
Year / Level: 5
Theme(s): Climate Science


This course is restricted to graduate students. 

The course is focused on how to use ecosystem modelling for management purposes with focus on marine and freshwater ecosystem. The modelling handles impact of food web, human impacts, and environmental changes, and trade-offs in management in a changing world. A number of lectures describes how to incorporate climate change effects (e.g., temperature, O2, pH), consequences for species distributions (invasions, alien species), and alternative future scenarios. This includes description of model development as part of Model Intercomparison Projects for IPCC and IPBES. The course has a strong hands-on component based on implementation using the EwE modelling framework.

Learning outcomes
  1. Introduce theoretical aspects of ecosystem modelling
  2. Provide basic knowledge of ecosystem modelling (with focus on EwE) and its use for ecosystem based management
  3. Provide an introduction to the various modules of EwE and how they are used


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Villy Christensen

"We need to anticipate how climate change will impact life in oceans and freshwater, and what we can do to mitigate such changes."