Access and download Sort It Out materials, including signage, posters and information sheets, as well as online resources to learn more about waste sorting. Materials can also be printed and posted on sorting stations to aid users in sorting waste, as well as educate and promote a zero waste community.


Text-based Sorting Guide: Download a copy of our printable chart with a detailed list of how to sort in each recycling stream.

Visual Sorting Guide: Download a copy of our picture-based chart with a detailed list of how to sort in each recycling stream.


I Love Food Scraps Campaign Poster: These worms share information about compost at UBC to prevent contamination.

Sorting Waste Makes A Difference Infographic: Follow the route that UBC’s food scraps take.


Sort it Out recycling station​

Full-size icon-text signs for a complete recycling station set of Station backboards (27" x 7"):

Text-only Sort it Out Station door poster (50" x 20"): General poster - Sort it out Station door

Waste Watcher recycling stations

Full-size icon-text signs for a Waste Watcher station set (8.5" x 11"):

Other recycling bins

Full-size icon-text signs for other recycling station styles, including rolling carts categorized by paper size.

Tabloid set (11" x 17"):

Portrait set (8.5" x 11"):

Landscape set (8.5" x 11"):

Schaefer cart & food pail stickers

Stickers for carts and food scraps pails.

Schaefer cart set (12" x 6"):

Pail sticker (6" x 2.5"):

Vinyl sticker instructions

Custom artwork files for designers

These materials can be used to create custom sign icons and a Sort it Out banner (to be used as a heading on sheets and flyers).