How do we work together to turn a passion for sustainability into personal learning and action on campus? By building up your own skills, competencies, and experiences.


The Sustainability Ambassadors program strives to deliver an immersive sustainability leadership experience for UBC students by offering opportunities for critical and creative engagement in sustainability issues while practicing the skills and competencies needed for practical implementation.

Through training and peer-group learning, you’ll be ready to come up with new engagement opportunities, create innovative projects and events, and be role models of sustainability leadership on campus.  

We will work together with you in three key areas. 

1. Engaging in personal and professional skill development

  • Develop sustainability competencies and professional development skills in areas including communication, teamwork, project and event management, social and community organization, systems thinking, initiative and motivation, and adaptability
  • Actively engage in opportunities that are a part of the curriculum of leadership development, such as facilitation and conflict management

2. Creating and offering sustainability programming to UBC students across campus 

  • Contribute to sustainability on campus by engaging students in educational activities and events
  • Engage with faculty and community partners to deliver sustainability programming to UBC students

3. Role modeling outstanding student leadership on campus

  • Embrace the role as an ambassador for student leadership at UBC – be a leader in sustainability on campus and within your department
  • Contribute to an environment at UBC that is dedicated to excellence, equity, and mutual respect
  • Learn and understand the Social Change Model of Leadership Development in terms of the individual, the group and the community, and how this cycle applies to the workings of the Ambassadors group, and sustainability in general

Sustainability Ambassador FAQs

What can I expect to take away from being a Sustainability Ambassador?

The program provides UBC students with the ability to take a hands-on leadership approach to bringing greater sustainability to their communities. Students get to engage with likeminded peers in discussion and learning to enhance their understanding of themselves as leaders, community members, and young change makers. 

What’s the weekly workload?

Ambassadors are expected to attend mandatory weekly meetings (led primarily by the program manager), to meet for an hour a week with their project team to work on a major project, and to spend an hour participating in consultations or an ongoing project. Weeks may vary depending on the amount of work that an individual decides to commit to or the timeline of their projects and initiatives. Typically, you could spend anywhere from 3-5 hours/week. 

What do weekly team meetings consist of?

Weekly meetings allow Ambassadors to connect with their peers through workshops facilitated by experts on a range of topics, from understanding your own role as a leader in sustainability to acknowledging positionality. These meetings will also provide you with the tools to understand and bring to life an interesting and thought-provoking project or initiative. 

What kind of projects can we expect to be working on?

The projects Sustainability Ambassadors are welcome to participate on include a wide range of events, such as planning the annual Sustainability Fair or activities surrounding the SDG Week conference. Other projects may include producing reports or organizing initiatives to implement new and innovative sustainability practices on the UBC campus, like zero waste initiatives. Besides reoccurring projects, the program is flexible to Sustainability Ambassadors who are keen to produce projects or initiatives based in their own interests. 

What does the role of consulting look like?

Students have the opportunity to consult AMS clubs and other student-led groups, who may seek to implement more sustainable practices in their organizations. Students may also serve as representatives in meetings with groups like the Climate Hub or the Student Sustainability Council.

Who should apply?

The UBC Sustainability Ambassadors program is open to UBC Vancouver students of all disciplines and degrees. The program typically holds 20-25 students in each cohort and tends to include a competitive application process. We recommend interested and passionate students apply to the program; there is no specific skillset or criteria necessary to make a successful member of our team. 

I am graduating in November 2021. Can I still apply and be eligible to participate in the program?

If you are graduating in November, 2021 you are not eligible to participate in the program for the 2021-22 year. If you are graduating in May 2022 then you are eligible to apply and participate in the 2021-22 cohort. 

Will the 2021 program take place virtually or in-person?

Given the uncertainties around the pandemic, we don’t know yet if the program will be in-person or virtual. We are anticipating and preparing to be in-person but are also mindful of the unprecedented times we are in. We will follow the directions of the public health officer and the university administration, and will be ready for the following three options: a completely online program, an in-person program, and a hybrid virtual and in-person.