Developed at UBC in 1999, the Sustainability Coordinator Program offers the support, awareness, skills and tools you need to foster sustainability in your department.

Help shape the program and support your community in fostering sustainability in your workplace! We welcome your feedback to design an expanding suit of climate action engagement, educational and outreach activities for you. Please fill out our feedback survey here which will help us make content relevant for you and your workplace.


Using two to four hours of work time per month, with supervisor permission, Sustainability Coordinators help to:

  • Inspire colleagues to make changes in energy and water consumption, waste, purchasing, transportation, food, and more
  • Deliver information about the ecological impact of daily workplace activities
  • Identify sustainability initiatives for their departments
  • Communicate UBC sustainability policies, procedures, news and events
  • Make sustainability easy and fun


Sustainability champions have been instrumental in piloting waste diversion initiatives. They also support delivery of key Green Labs energy conservation campaigns such as Chill Up and Shut the Sash which contribute to UBC’s aggressive climate action targets. Through their hard work and dedication, the network raises awareness, creates lasting change and embeds a culture of sustainability within the UBC community.

By becoming a Sustainability Coordinator, you will:

  • Join the network of over 120 coordinators across campus
  • Attend sustainability-focused educational events and networking sessions
  • Develop skills through sustainability-related training sessions
  • Access funding opportunities and campus-wide recognition event


  • Energy Conservation
  • Sustainable Purchasing
  • Transportation
  • Waste Reduction
  • Water Conservation
  • Workplace Engagement

“One of my favourite parts of being a Lab Sustainability Coordinator is being a part of a community of sustainability champions from different departments. I also love the educational tours.”

- Verena Goebeler, Research Manager, UBC Dentistry

“I have integrated green lab and sustainability topics as a regular item into our quarterly lab managers meetings. It’s a great way to get unified buy-in on sustainability initiatives such as ULT freezer chill-up and lab recycling!”

- Karen Reid, Operations Manager, Michael Smith Laboratories

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Take Action Tips

Our Sustainability Take Action Tips provides UBC-specific resources to encourage sustainable behaviours in the workplace.

Workshops and Training Sessions

Our workshops and training sessions provide sustainability learning, professional development, and networking opportunities for staff and faculty. To be notified of upcoming training opportunities, join our mailing list.

Workplace Sustainability Fund

The Workplace Sustainability Fund awards Sustainability Coordinators with up to $800 to support sustainability initiatives in their units.