Lab equipment and research can be very resource intensive. When purchasing scientific supplies, choose sustainable options to reduce energy, water, solid and hazardous waste.

Sustainable Purchasing Guide

As the demand for greener laboratory products rises, the variety of environmentally-friendly merchandise grows. By changing your purchasing practices and choosing energy and water efficient product alternatives, you can green your research environment and reduce the waste you produce.

The UBC Sustainable Purchasing Guide has been designed to help you, as a staff and faculty member or student, to buy sustainable goods and services. The Guide contains sustainable purchasing resources spanning a wide range of goods and services, an eco-label glossary, and information on how UBC is continuing to advance sustainable purchasing on campus and beyond.

Use the UBC Scientific Supplies Purchasing Guide for lab consumables and equipment purchases, and refer to the Green Products List for a sample of recommended products and vendors.

ACT – Environmental Impact Factor Label

The new ACT label can help you make informed decisions when purchasing laboratory products including consumableschemicals and equipment. Products are third party verified and scored in several environmental impact categories with results presented as a simple nutrition label. To support growth of this valuable resource, ask your vendors for more ACT labeled products!

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