What is the sustainability Ambassadors program?

The UBC Sustainability Ambassadors Program offers an enriching learning and leadership experience for students passionate about sustainability. Designed by the UBC Sustainability Hub, the program aims to increase awareness of and involvement in sustainability and climate action both on and off campus. The program falls under the Hub’s Strategic Plan 2022-2027 in alignment with the second core area of UBC’s Strategic Plan 2018-2028 – Transformative Learning.

By participating in this program, students will have the opportunity to engage in experiential learning and develop 5 core sustainability competencies (self-awareness, systems thinking, strategic application, interpersonal and collaboration, interdisciplinary integration) through sustainability education and experiential learning projects. These projects will not only enhance their learning but also provide practical experience in sustainability work across and beyond UBC.

The Sustainability Ambassadors is part of the new Catalyst Certification program.

Program Outcomes

After completing the program, the Sustainability Ambassadors have had the opportunity to achieve the following goals:

Participant-Focused Goals

  • Develop sustainability competencies and skills to foster learning, equity, and mutual respect 
  • Develop project management and facilitation skills

Community-Focused Goals

  • Increase awareness of, and engagement in, sustainability and climate issues on- and off-campus 
  • Increase involvement in sustainability and climate action


Program Timeline

Over the summer, Sustainability Leads — a group of senior UBC students with knowledge and prior experience in sustainability work — will work collaboratively with community partners and the program manager. Together, they will develop a curriculum centred on a specific theme. They will then plan several theme-specific projects for the upcoming ambassadors. In the meantime, Newly selected Sustainability Ambassadors will choose a cohort aligned with their interests. Each cohort will consist of 8-12 Sustainability Ambassadors.

Throughout the fall and winter terms, the leads will deliver the curriculum to the ambassadors in their cohort. The curriculum will include orientations, workshops, guest lectures, field trips, and mentorship sessions. Sustainability Ambassadors from diverse backgrounds will work collaboratively as part of an interdisciplinary team to support the planning and implementation of the pre-conceived projects.


Program Requirements

Time Requirements

This is a volunteer role with a commitment period from September 2024 to April 2025. Sustainability Ambassadors have the option to enroll in Directed Studies and earn credits for their participation and commitment (see Directed Studies Option for details). Sustainability Ambassadors are expected to contribute an average of 4-5 hours per week, allocated as follows:

  • 2 hours per week: Mandatory weekly meetings
  • 2-4 hours per week: Flexible project work

Additionally, all ambassadors are required to attend the orientation on September 14th, 2024, from 8:45 am to 4:30 pm.

Weekly Meetings

The weekly team meetings are mandatory and will take place at a fixed time each week for 2 hours throughout the academic year. During these meetings, ambassadors will participate in workshops, guest lectures, field trips, and mentorship sessions. In August, ambassadors are invited to join the cohort whose meeting times best fit their schedules.

Project Work

After joining a cohort, ambassadors will have the opportunity to select a project that interests them. Projects can involve developing and facilitating workshops, hosting events, or creating digital assets. Time will be allocated for the development, facilitation, and delivery of these projects. The project work schedule will be flexible, accommodating each cohort's availability. On average, ambassadors can expect to spend 2-4 hours per week on project work.


Directed studies option

Ambassadors have the option to enroll in a 3-credit Directed Studies course (ENVR 448B) during Spring Term 2 of the program. Enrollment and documentation will be completed in Term 1. To be eligible for receiving Directed Studies credits, ensure you have:

  • Approval and sign-off from your program advisor
  • Enough credit room to accommodate this course

Interested? Consult with your program advisor for more details. If you have any questions, please contact us at sustainability.ambassadors@ubc.ca.



1. Review CommitmentsThoroughly read the information on this page to ensure you understand the responsibilities and can commit the necessary time to participate.

2. Prepare Your Application: Our online application will ask you to answer questions about why you want to be a Sustainability Ambassador, what you hope to learn, and to describe key strengths or qualities you will bring to the role.

3. Update Your ResumeYou will need to provide a current resume in PDF format. Please use the following naming convention: Firstname_Lastname.pdf.

4. Submit Your ApplicationSubmit your application online by clicking the button below.

Apply Here



Desired Skills and Experiences

  • UBC undergraduate and graduate students in any faculty
  • Positive attitude
  • Enthusiasm for sustainability and leadership responsibilities at UBC
  • Willingness to learn and share information with peers
  • Interest in speaking with others and leading workshops
  • Ability to take initiative
  • Ability to take the lead as well as work cooperatively in small and large teams
  • Committed to learning about sustainability
  • Committed to ongoing learning and education
  • Professional and reliable as a Sustainability Ambassador and Peer educator

Benefits of Participating

  • Connection to UBC Sustainability – learn more about UBC initiatives
  • Be a UBC sustainability leader
  • Develop a set of professional  and sustainability competencies
  • Assist and learn from UBC Communications with marketing and promotions
  • Increase your knowledge about specific sustainability issues
  • Meet other leaders who are also interested in promoting sustainability education
  • Gain job-related skills and experience
  • Make new friends and be better connected to the UBC community