A framework for energy education for learners of all ages. This report presents interdisciplinary energy concepts that, if understood and applied, will help individuals and communities make informed energy decisions.  

Keywords: Energy, Society, Key Definitions
Link to Resource: https://www.energy.gov/eere/education/articles/download-copy-energy-lite...


NOAA Climate.gov provides timely and authoritative scientific data and information about climate science, adaptation, and mitigation. Their goals are to promote public understanding of climate science and climate-related events, to make NOAA data products and services easy to access and use, to provide climate-related support to the private sector and economy, and to serve people making climate-related decisions with tools and resources that help them answer specific question

Keywords: Climate Resilience Toolkit, Maps & Data, Teaching Climate
Link to Resource: https://www.climate.gov/teaching/climate

Course Activities & Assignments

PLT is an environmental education program that offers professional development workshops and educational resources for teachers. Their materials include curriculum guides, activity books, and online courses that focus on forest conservation, wildlife, and sustainable living

Keywords: Youth Education, Ecology, Lesson Plans  
Link to Resource: https://www.plt.org/

Course Activities & Assignments
Project Learning Tree

Their materials include lesson plans, interactive maps, videos, and articles that explore topics such as biodiversity, conservation, and sustainable development.

Keywords: Youth Education, Society, Lesson Plans
Link to Resource: https://www.nationalgeographic.org/society/education-resources/

Course Activities & Assignments
National Geographic

WWF offers a range of educational resources for teachers, including lesson plans, activities, and teaching guides on various sustainability topics.  

Keywords: Youth Education, Biodiverity, Lesson Plans
Link to Resource: https://www.worldwildlife.org/teaching-resources

Course Activities & Assignments
World Wildlife Fund

NASA Climate Kids provides educational resources, games, activities, and articles focused on climate change and sustainability. The resources are designed for different age groups and cover various aspects of climate science and environmental stewardship.  

Keywords: Youth Education, Science, Climate Link to
Resource: https://climatekids.nasa.gov/

Course Activities & Assignments
NASA Climate Kids

Eco-Schools is an international program that provides resources, guidelines, and lesson plans to help teachers integrate sustainability into their curriculum.

Keywords: Youth Education, Lesson Plans, SDGs
Link to Resource: https://www.ecoschools.global/ 

Course Activities & Assignments

This information sheet is on how to deal with the distress and stress of not just knowing that climate change is a threat, but also feeling that it is a threat.  

Keywords: Emotions Strategies, Behaviour Strategies, Cognitive Strategies  
Link to Resource: https://psychology.org.au/getmedia/cf076d33-4470-415d-8acc-75f375adf2f3/...

Australian Psychology Society

Founded in 1991 by a diverse group of youth, educators, business leaders, government and community members, LSF is a non-profit Canadian organization that was created to integrate sustainability education into Canada’s education system.

Keywords: Youth Education, Teacher Resources, Policy & Research
Link to Resource: https://lsf-lst.ca/about/

Web-based Resources
Learning for Sustainable Futures

The purpose of this national survey was to gain an understanding of current levels of knowledge and perceptions of climate change among the general public, parents, youth and educators as well as to assess how Canadians think the education system should respond to the climate crisis.

Keywords: Public Education, Canadian Context, Climate Change
Link to Resource: https://lsf-lst.ca/media/National_Report/National_Climate_Change_Educati...

Ellen Field, Pamela Schwartzberg, and Paul Berger

All nine Educational Service Districts (ESDs) in Washington are launching programs for science teacher training around Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and climate science, thanks to grant money made available to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) by Governor Inslee. This group includes teacher professional development and instructional materials resources developed under this grant. All ClimeTime developed resources are shared through the OER Commons group.  

Keywords: Youth Education, Resource Development Guidance, Community Science
Link to Resource: https://oercommons.org/groups/climetime/4081/

Course Activities & Assignments

Open database from the Global Social Reporting Initiative. Covers all types of sustainability reports, whether GRI-based or otherwise, and relevant information related to the reporting organizations.

Keywords: Public Policy, Sustainable Reporting, Sustainable Development
Link to Resource: https://www.globalreporting.org/

Web-based Resources
Global Reporting Initiative

Why do we claim to value sustainability while acting in anunsustainable fashion? How can we reduce our consumption drasticallyand move toward a sustainable social system when our society isspecifically based on consumption? These two linked questions are atthe heart of this important book, the result of a four-yearinterdisciplinary study of British Columbia's Lower FraserBasin.

Keywords: Consumption, Urban Areas, Social Change Link to
Resource: https://www.ubcpress.ca/fatal-consumption

Robert F Woollards and Aleck Samuel Ostry

This speaker series and accompanying open educational resources are centered on the Salish Sea and will help participants learn about and consider relevant interdisciplinary research and how it is impacting, or might impact, our practice.

Keywords: Ecology, Ocean Optimism, Biodiversity
Link to Resource: https://elvlc.educ.ubc.ca/ocean-education-developing-knowledge-caring-an...

Multi-media (Videos, Podcasts)
UBC Edith Lando Virtual Learning Center

The authors aim at providing a critical discussion of various views of society-nature relationships embedded in different socio-cultural paradigms that might be used by curriculum writers as foundations for the construction of a notion of sustainability deemed responsive to a challenging world in terms of sustainable future

Keywords: Youth Education, Curriculum Development, Sustainble Development  
Link to Resource: http://www.susted.com/wordpress/content/conceptions-of-sustainability-wi...

Journal Article
Fallon, G., VanWynsberghe, R., & Robertson, P.

This toolkit is a collection of resources for kindergarten to post-secondary educators and organizational partners interested in developing and incorporating content on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their educational curriculum

Keywords: SDGs, Pedagogy, Youth
Link to Resource: https://sustain.ubc.ca/sites/default/files/SDG%20K-U%20Toolkit%20v.8.pdf

Toolkits and Guides
UBC Sustainability Hub

This instructional resource referred to as the TEACHER’S GUIDE brings together a number of enticing educational components – outdoor experiential learning, place-based education, game development, digital & field mapping, and most importantly a clear understanding of climate change issues – all tailored to the new BC curriculum.  

Keywords: Pedagogy, Outdoor experiential learning, Place-based education
Link to Resource: https://calp.forestry.ubc.ca/teacher-resources/

Course Activities & Assignments
UBC Forestry Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Plannng

UBC Geering Up Engineering Outreach is a non- profit, student-run organization dedicated to promoting science, engineering, and technology to the children and youth of British Columbia through fun, innovative, and hands-on experiments and projects.

Keywords: Learning Resources, Sciences, Kids Education  
Link to Resource: https://www.youtube.com/@GeeringUp/videos

Multi-media (Videos, Podcasts)
UBC Geering Up

From neurotechnology to sustainable energy sources, the young people featured in our podcast are working to better their communities through hard work and ingenuity. Episodes run around 45 minutes each.

Keywords: Education, Creative Engineering, Quantum HUb
Link to Resource: https://geeringup.apsc.ubc.ca/stem-resources/general-information/youth-i...

Toolkits and Guides
UBC Geering Up

Research skills and resources for environmental engineering students.  

Keywords: Research skills, civil engineering,  
Link to Resource: https://guides.library.ubc.ca/environmental_engineering

Toolkits and Guides
UBC Library