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Climate Change Courses

Looking for climate change-related courses in particular? Browse through our curated collection available to undergraduate and graduate students at UBC Vancouver.

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FNH 455 Applied International Nutrition

FNH 460 International Nutrition Field Studies

FNH 473 Applied Public Health Nutrition

FNIS 100 Indigenous Foundations

FNIS 210 Indigenous Politics and Self-Determination

FNIS 401X Special Topics

FNIS 401Z Special Topics

FNIS 451 Indigenous Feminisms

FNIS 452 Indigenous Social Movements

FOPR 264 Introduction to Forest Operations

FOPR 388 Analytical Methods in Forest Hydrology

FRE 306 Introduction to Global Food Markets

FRE 340 International Agricultural Development

FRE 374 Land and Resource Economics

FRE 420 The Economics of International Trade and the Environment

FRE 460 Economics of Food Consumption

FRE 474 Economics of Global Resource Use and Conservation

FRE 522 Environmental Externalities in the Global Economy

FRE 526 Environmental Economics and Policy: Theory

FRE 527 Environmental Economics and Policy: Empirical Analysis

FRST 100 Sustainable Forests

FRST 101 Principles of Microeconomics for Forestry and Land and Food Systems

FRST 110 Land One: First-year Integrative Seminar

FRST 201 Forest Ecology

FRST 202 Forest Ecology

FRST 270 Community Forests and Community Forestry

FRST 302 Forest Genetics

FRST 303 Principles of Forest Science

FRST 305 Silviculture

FRST 307 Biotic Disturbances

FRST 308 Forest Entomology

FRST 309 Forest Pathology

FRST 310 Soil Biology

FRST 318 Forest and Conservation Economics

FRST 319 Principles of Forestry Economics

FRST 320 Abiotic Disturbances: Fire and Climate

FRST 350 Foundational Field School

FRST 351 Interior Field School

FRST 370 Community Forests and Community Forestry

FRST 385 Watershed Hydrology

FRST 386 Aquatic Ecosystems and Fish in Forested Watersheds

FRST 395 Forest Wildlife Ecology and Management

FRST 403 The Sustainability of Production in Managed Forest Ecosystems

FRST 408 Advanced Forest Insect Ecology

FRST 410 Introduction to Landscape Ecology and Management

FRST 411 Complex Adaptive Systems, Global Change Science, and Ecology Sustainability

FRST 415 Sustainable Forest Policy

FRST 421 Quantitative Forest Management

FRST 423 Integrated Resources Management Planning

FRST 424 Sustainable Forest Management