Before you dive in, take a moment to review the program eligibility requirements and how to apply.

how to apply

1. Review the program details and the list of opportunities

Read all the information on this page and in the Application Guide to make sure you understand the eligibility requirements and how the program works. 

2. Update your resume and cover letter

You may apply for up to three different opportunities. Please make sure your resume is up-to-date and that you customise your cover letter for each opportunity that you’re applying for. Applying to the Scholars Program is competitive so it’s worthwhile to give yourself extra time to polish your cover letter and resume.

3. Prepare your application

You will need to provide a separate resume and cover letter for each opportunity. You will also need to provide a list of references. Your cover letter, resume, and references must be saved as one PDF document, using the following naming convention: Project number_First name_Last name.pdf (e.g., 2021-072_Jenny_Smith.pdf).

4. Submit your application online

Applications for the fall program are now closed. Please subscribe to the UBC Sustainability Newsletter to make sure you receive notices about future opportunities.



Recruitment for the Fall 2020 Program has ended. Check this page at the beginning of January to see the Summer 2021 opportunities.

2020-032 Impact of architectural design on the solar PV generation potential of a house to achive net zero energy (closed)

2020-063 Developing an improved delivery model and implementation plan for low-income home energy retrofits in B.C. (closed)

2020-064 Research to support the development of an inclusive circular economy focused around reuse and repair (closed)

2020-065 Expanding the reach and impact of Healthy Together: Focusing on newcomer families (closed)

2020-066 Research to measure the environmental performance of conventional Canadian foodservice operations (closed)

2020-067 Access and Inclusion for people with disabilities (Squamish Nation) (closed)

2020-068 Innovative approaches to intercultural climate engagement using Indigenous and diverse lenses (closed)

2020-069 Research on justice and biodiversity: Who are cities supporting nature for? (closed)

2020-070 Research to produce a graphic rendering/visual of Lower Fraser River restoration priorities and projects (closed)

2020-071 Building community well-being, inclusivity & sustainability through Social Purpose Real Estate (closed)

2020-072 Investigating opportunities for turning apparel waste into feedstock for end markets in BC (closed)

2020-073 Restructuring models of leadership to reflect women’s realities and ambitions in a post-COVID era (closed)

2020-074 Review of fish-friendly and climate-resilient flood control infrastructure solutions (closed)

2020-075 Exploring the creation of a local and equitable Food Hub in South Vancouver (closed)

2020-076 Developing case studies on winning projects from the CleanBC Design Challenge (closed)

2020-077 Addressing climate change grief in public-facing climate change work and amongst climate change practitioners (closed)

2020-078 Implementing consent for mining in Indigenous Lands (closed)

2020-079 Identifying legal reforms to support regenerative and distributive models of production and consumption (closed)

2020-080 Leveraging data to build an energy and emissions profile to target policies and investment to maximize low-carbon benefits (closed)

2020-081 Capacity building in Canada for climate change displacement (closed)

2020-082 An idea validation study to pinpoint opportunities for a platform that enables equitable access to residential and collective properties (closed)

2020-083 Comparative analysis of nature-based climate solutions for local governments (closed)

2020-084 Evaluating current nature-based solutions projects in BC through a community consultation lens (closed)

2020-085 Understanding place based and community engaged learning in times of global pandemic (closed)

2020-086 Assessing equity, diversity and inclusion at UBC Athletics & Rec to develop a capacity-building toolkit (closed)

2020-087 Developing a community food security assessment framework for UBC campuses (closed)

2020-088 Develop a UBC Podcast series to amplify BIPOC voices and foster connections (closed)

2020-089 Launching community partnerships for a physical food hub at UBCO (closed)

2020-090 Develop living shoreline design options to restore coastal habitats and help coastal areas adapt to sea level rise in the Lower Mainland (closed)

2020-091 Research to help advance the implementation of the University Climate Change Coalition (UC3) Strategic Plan (closed)

2020-092 Developing a government relations and communications strategy to implement the Forest Carbon Economy Fund for the Gov't of Canada (closed)

2020-093 Research to inform the development of an operational and governance plan for a cooperative community farm (closed)

2020-094 Updating the Sustainable Development Goal Scorecard for the City of Kelowna (closed)

2020-095 Quantifying the climate mitigation benefits of nature-based flood control solutions & associated ecological restoration in BC (closed)

2020-096 Research to develop an action plan for a Green Industrial Innovation District in the False Creek Flats (closed)

2020-097 A feasibility study on the conversion of parking garages into affordable housing (closed)

2020-098 Strategy for establishing a working group to support a blockchain solution for international emissions trading (closed)

2020-099 Developing an impact assessment of civic youth engagement programming in Metro Vancouver (closed)

2020-100 Environmental Racism Story Map: Enhancing access to environmental justice for racialized and Indigenous communities (closed)

2020-101 Embedding decolonial and Indigenous approaches in health promotion, education and mental health literacy efforts (closed)

2020-102 Creating sustainable product and service factsheets for responsible sourcing (closed)

2020-103 Creating a Sustainable Procurement Guide for City Councillors (closed)