how to apply

1. Attend an information session or a resume preparation workshop (optional)

We are offering two information sessions and a resume preparation workshop pertinent to recruitment for the summer 2024 program. Click here for details and to register.

2. Review the program details and the list of opportunities

Read all the information on this page and in the application guide to make sure you understand the eligibility requirements and how the program works. Details about each opportunity can be found in the links below.

3. Update your resume and cover letter

You may apply for up to three different opportunities. Please make sure your resume is up-to-date and that you customise your cover letter for each opportunity that you’re applying for. Applying to the Scholars Program is competitive so it’s worthwhile to give yourself extra time to polish your cover letter and resume. 

4. Prepare your application

You will need to provide a separate resume and cover letter for each opportunity. You will also need to provide a list of references. Your cover letter, resume, and references must be saved as one PDF document, using the following naming convention: Project number_First name_Last name.pdf (e.g., 2023-072_Jenny_Smith.pdf).

5. Submit your application online

Applications are currently closed


2023 Opportunities

Applications to the 2023 programs are closed. The following projects were available for the 2023 summer and fall programs and are listed here so you can see the depth and breadth of sustainability and climate action work being tackled by UBC grad students in 2023.

2023-001 Policy review and consultations to understand the challenges and opportunities of establishing an urban marine park in False Creek (closed)
2023-002 Research to identify clean energy capacity building opportunities for remote communities in BC (closed)
2023-003 Best practices research to advance food growing initiatives in MURBS (closed)
2023-004 Promising practices research to inform development of a corporate sustainability strategy for the Township of Langley (closed)
2023-005 Best practices research to inform climate resilient guidelines for design and operation of transit maintenance facilities (closed)
2023-006 Research to develop and evaluate an education course infused with Climate-Kind Pedagogy  (closed)
2023-007 Research to develop a roadmap to assess the social impact of Herschel Supply’s supply chain (closed)
2023-008 Research and development of a strategic communication plan and assets on food for planetary health and cultural safety  (closed)
2023-009 Research to understand the impact of climate change on health care facilities now and in the future (closed)
2023-010 Research on energy usage & effectiveness of HVAC systems & protocols for enhanced indoor air quality in healthcare facilities (closed)
2023-011 Developing a strategy & engagement plan to increase clinician participation in sustainable healthcare  (closed)
2023-012 Research to understand the challenges and successes of carbon reduction projects in healthcare facilities (closed)
2023-013 Research to understand the benefits of native plant gardening to restore ecological health and resilience in urban spaces (closed)
2023-014 Research to develop a strategic plan for the placement of new protected areas throughout BC (closed)
CANCELLED 2023-015 Research to Inventory Data Sources to Support Land Use Planning for the Islands Trust (cancelled)
2023-016 Research to understand carbon emission and sequestration costs of paper consumption in the retail industry (closed)
2023-017 Calculating greenhouse gas emissions reductions from averting catastrophic wildfire through Indigenous cultural burning  (closed)
2023-018 Research to inform the creation of safe & equitable public spaces for heat emergencies (closed)
2023-019 Research to Develop a Climate Education Knowledge and Community Action Hub  (closed)
2023-020 Estimating the net health benefits and emissions reductions of preventative interventions in health care​ (closed)
2023-021 Researching opportunities & policy windows for youth engagement in climate action (closed)
2023-022 Research to develop case studies on climate change adaptation in the Global south that can be applied to the BC context (closed)
2023-023 Research to understand mobility & transportation policies & practices through a climate justice lens to support seniors in a time of climate crisis  (closed)
2023-024 Researching the role of provincial climate legislation on accelerating climate action at BC universities (closed)
2023-025  Documenting and Mapping the Creation of a Deconstruction and Green Design Hub for the Arts & Cultural Sector (closed)
2023-026 Research to understand gaps in the BC Building Code as applied to high performance building design and construction (closed)
2023-027 Research to understand the success of building retrofit programs in BC (closed)
2023-028 Research to understand barriers to implementing efficient residential retrofits (contractor constraints) (closed)
2023-029 Development of a draft zero emissions municipal building policy for the City of Port Moody  (closed)
2023-030 Analysis of large building stock and best practices research on retrofit policies for the City of North Vancouver (closed)
2023-031 Develop an UNDRIP framework to advance Indigenous–focused climate and energy resilience capacity building programs (closed)
2023-032 Applying a climate justice lens to heat-pump retrofits in multifamily buildings in UBC’s residential neighbourhoods (closed)
2023-033 Research on climate related financial and policy tools to support capital investment decisions in local governments (closed)
2023-034 Developing a strategic zero-emissions vehicle plan to support MURB residents in the City of New Westminster (closed)
2023-035 Lifecycle cost analysis of new single-family building construction and electrification on Musqueam (closed)
2023-036 Developing a GIS-based urban building energy assessment model to support decision making in Richmond (closed)
2023-037 Slope Stability Assessment of the West Side of Capilano Reservoir (closed)
2023-038 Developing an Inventory of Large Buildings in the Metro Vancouver Region to Reduce Emissions (closed)
2023-039 Investigating sources and pollution prevention strategies to address compounds of environmental concern entering Metro Vancouver’s wastewater (closed)
2023-040 Research to understand factors influencing travel mode decisions to access regional parks (closed)
2023-041 Conservation messaging best practices to advance urban bird habitat protection in the Fraser estuary (closed; FERC project)
2023-042 Research engagement best practices, and develop graphics for climate resilient flood infrastructure (closed; FERC project)
2023-043 Research to support innovative approaches to intercultural climate engagement through an Indigenous lens (closed; FERC project)
2023-044 Graphic Rendering of a Restored and Resilient Fraser Estuary (closed; FERC project)
2023-045 Market and regulatory research to support prohibition of expanded polystyrene in the marine environment (closed; FERC project)
2023-046 Identifying beneficial farming practices for the conservation of shorebirds on agricultural lands on the Fraser River Delta (closed; FERC project)
2023-047 Research to inform conservation policies and strategies to retain traditional terrestrial foodlands (closed; FERC project)
2023-048 Best practices research to inform transboundary collaboration to support watershed health in the Boundary Bay Basin (closed; FERC project)
2023-049 Graphic visualization of the lower Fraser River (using a non-Western view) from the Pattullo Bridge to Queensborough (closed; FERC project) 
2023-050 Impact assessment and comparative analysis of noise emissions for the City of Vancouver’s fleet (closed)
2023-051 Developing and prototyping an evaluation framework to ensure equity & justice in climate action at the City of Vancouver (closed)
2023-052 Researching innovative strategies to mitigate overheating and increase resilience in multi-family buildings (closed)
2023-053 Best practices research to inform an Urban Indigenous partnership model for the City of Vancouver (closed)
2023-054 Development of graphics to visualize climate action and inaction in Vancouver (closed)
2023-055 Research to map seasonal tree leaf debris accumulation scenarios in a changing climate (closed)
2023-056 Researching opportunities to reduce financial barriers to purchasing zero emissions commercial vehicles (closed)
2023-057 Development of a Green Rainwater Infrastructure (GRI) toolkit for rainwater management near underground rapid transit stations in Vancouver (closed)
2023-058 Research to improve the health of street trees surrounded by hardscape infrastructure in the urban environment (closed)
2023-059 Understanding passenger behaviour at bus stops to measure effectiveness of bus bulbs and inform future design (closed)
2023-060 Understanding the Sustainability and Equity Benefits of Vancouver’s Public E-Bike Share System (closed)
2023-061 Research to decolonise food systems policy and develop a visual guide (closed)
2023-062 Mapping the network of community relationships crucial to extreme heat planning in Vancouver (closed)
2023-063 Research and analysis of exclusionary zoning and environmental racism in Vancouver (closed)
2023-064 Scoping an online green roof asset tracking and inventory management system for the City of Vancouver  (closed)
2023-065 Classifying and mapping urban green interventions to support biodiversity and connectivity in Vancouver (closed)
2023-066 Best practice research to support the use of active travel to childcare facilities (closed)
2023-067 Development of a Building Retrofit Toolkit to address Extreme Heat Events (closed)
2023-068 Research and develop an inventory of UBC’s climate research partnerships with Indigenous communities  (closed)
2023-069 Building awareness and appreciation of the Fraser Estuary through the curation of a radio program (closed; FERC project)
2023-070 Research to inform inclusion of Fraser River watershed Chinook tributaries as designated Critical Habitat (closed; FERC project)
2023-071 Research to inform the design of a watershed-scale climate change adaptation plan (closed)
2023-072 Conservation planning for culturally significant species at risk in S'ólh Téméxw (closed; FERC project)
2023-073 Research and develop visualizations of flood mitigation options to inform decision making in First Nations communities (closed; FERC project)
2023-074 Research on options to control small vessels to reduce threats to Southern resident killer whale habitat in the Fraser Estuary (closed; FERC project)
2023-075 Research and analysis of transportation legislation, policies, programs and funding opportunities for First Nations in BC (closed)
2023-076 Research to evaluate and measure the long-term impact of a nature-based youth program (closed)
2023-077 Exploring models of university-city partnership to inform climate policy in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside (DTES) community (closed)
2023-078 Research to understand the links between homelessness and climate change, and opportunities for action (closed)
2023-079 Research to identify best DIY cooling options for DTES residents in social and supportive housing (closed)