Explore options for grocery shopping in a zero-waste supermarket, and a low-cost food market on campus at UBC Vancouver.

Are you wondering how it feels like to do your groceries in a zero-waste supermarket? Or what a low-cost food hub can do for you?

NADA is the only grocery store in Vancouver where you are not going to find single-use packaging. Don’t believe us? Go try it out for yourself!

Or on campus at UBC Vancouver, try the Foodhub Market - a pilot low-cost grocery store, located in the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability. Shop your pantry staples, including a range of fresh food (fruits, vegetables, dairy, dairy alternatives), breads, dried goods (pasta, grains), and canned goods (sauces, beans, tuna) in a welcoming community space. A collaboration between UBC Wellbeing, UBC Food Services, and the Sustainability Hub.